How to have a positive Menopause experience after Cancer 

Next Course start date:
as soon as we have a group of 10 (likely beg Dec 23)
(Spaces are limited. You can enrol now to secure your space. This will grant you early access to the online learning hub)


Navigating menopause after a cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling unsupported, isolated and excluded from the greater menopause conversation. 

The Empowered Menopause program is a step by step course to help you understand your options & take control of your next steps. 

Endorsed and supported by some of the UK's top menopause specialists.
Created to help you have a more empowered and positive menopause experience. 
For any questions before signing up please email us to 
Next Program start:  

as soon as we have a group of 10 (likely beg Dec 23)
(Spaces are limited. You can enrol now to secure your space. This will grant you early access to the online learning hub. Price: £31.25 per week can be paid in instalments)
  • You might be in surgical menopause after cancer? 
  • You might be on tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitors or other medication for ovarian surpression?
  • Or are you going through active treatment and unsure if your periods will come back?
  • Don't think you have many options?
  • Thinking of a treatment holiday and want to talk it through?
  • Feeling unsupported and alone with it all? 
  • Wanting your old pre-cancer/ pre-menopausal self back?
  • Don't know who to ask for help? 
  • Worried about your long term health? 


Dani Binnington is a patient advocate for women in menopause after cancer, a yoga teacher and all-round wellness warrior.
Her own menopause was onset by surgery at the age of 39, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 33, with 3 children under the age of 4. 

"Not a single week goes by where I am not outraged at how under-supported and under-educated we are as women. So many women are just told 'NO' to some treatment options. Leaving them to suffer and alone with their often debilitating symptoms. 

"Many women tell me that their experience of menopause after cancer is much harder for them than chemo + radio therapy and surgery all together. 
This has to change!"
So I have brought together some of the UK's top menopause specialists and other menopause experts and created the Empowered Menopause program - so that we have all the relevant information, specific to the needs of someone after a cancer diagnosis, in one place!"

The aim of the 16 week program is:

  • ​For you to have a more positive, more informed, more supported and less symptomatic menopause experience after cancer. 
  • ​Get advise from UK top menopause specialists in understanding ALL your treatment options (hormonal, non-hormonal, medical, complementary)
  • ​Know WHO to ask for help (we help you build your healthcare team around you)
  • ​Find solutions that work for you (we are all different)
  • ​Know that you are not alone, through our community and group calls
  • ​Plan your next steps towards fewer symptoms and better long term health
  • ​Because it is possible to have a positive menopause experience - even if complicated by a cancer diagnosis!
If you have any unanswered questions please email and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Thank you.

Yes! I'd love to join!

Next Course start date:

as soon as we have a group of 10 (likely beg Dec 23)
(Spaces are limited. You can enrol now to secure your space. This will grant you early access to the online learning hub)

Times of group calls TBC once you are enrolled in the program. 
Price: £31.25 per week can be paid in instalments

Program Price is £500 total payment and we offer a payment plan of 3 monthly instalmets.

 If you would like to enrol but cannot afford the full price please contact us on as we have a variety of payment options we can talk you through.
Here’s What Others Are Saying:


Last October, I was in a very dark place. From being a social butterfly, I had become a recluse over night. My anxiety levels were out the root. I had stopped going out with friends and family. I had unbelievable joint pain all over my body. Nausea that lasted over a year. I was crying, thinking about death daily. I couldn't understand what was going on with me. My GP put me through many tests, of which all came back normal. Then one day I was on Instagram and came across an advert about the menopause and clicked on it. That's where I met Dani Binnington and her Menopause Masterclass. She was doing a 1 hour free talk on the menopause. So I signed up. I got nutrition advise, yoga exercises to do. Advise from experts, to name a few. And the rest is history..... I wont say anymore that's Dani's job. However what I will say is I've got my mojo back thanks to Dani and her program. My diary is full of dates where I'm out again. Oh I'm off to Mexico soon. Thank Dani 😊

Justine, breast cancer in chemical menopause

"I recently completed Dani's program and it was fabulous! We hit it off from our first zoom and I truly believe that spending time with Dani has not only been an education but Dani has held my hand during this difficult time. My tool box is equipped and I feel ready to start the next chapter. Thank you and namaste from me and Ganesh!"


"Thank you so much for your time yesterday! I appreciate it so much. You are so knowledgeable and warming, that I feel more positive about this journey already! And it's only just started :-)"

Claire, ovarian cancer in surgical menopause

"Before I joined the program with Dani I spent hours googling stuff all night, and it really heightened my anxiety. I just didn't know what to do or what options I had. It was dreadful. None of my health care team wanted to know it seemed and I was just told 'to get on with it'. I don't think I could have taken it any longer. So for me it's really great to get all the info in one place, without having to spend weeks myself, stabbing around in the dark. 
I know feel much clearer about what I can and can't do but also what I can do every day - that helps!"

When You Enroll in the Empowered Menopause program, You'll Receive:

- Access to 6 live group session hosted by Dani Binnington. 
Together we can formulate your next steps in your treatment plan. If you cannot make a call, questions can be submitted and will be answered by video message. Connect to others who are on a similar journey. 
Once you're in the program, the group can look at the dates again and make sure everyone can make the proposed dates. 

- Access to your online learning hub, filled with interviews with some of the UK's top menopause specialists, explaining ALL your options. This is your educational hub to which you have access for 1 year.

- Practical Step by step nutrition hacks - to optimise YOUR diet 

- Weekly yoga classes (for bone health, to de-stress and practice mindfulness). Tap into the online library and/or with Dani live-streamed. Regardless if you have not moved in a long time or you exercise regularly, we will meet you where you are at!

- Menopause mediations & Inspiration, looking at mindset and creating a positive experience for ourselves. 

- Bite sized pieces of information & step by step guides. Taking all the confusion out of it and making the whole experience a more positive one.

This is a supportive program for people in menopause after cancer. With the right mix of on-demand learning to fit around your life and group calls where we plan for our next steps. 

Endorsed by menopause specialists, nurses and endocrinologists. 

Take The Next Step In Your Healing Journey

Need more info? We are happy to talk you though the process and how the program might help you. Please email

Here is what others have said since working with Dani:


What outcomes can I expect?
The educational sessions with experts will help you understand all your options. This can help you have more informed conversations with your medical team. Dani can help you map out your own plan of what to do next, what to address first, helping you navigate the medical system.
I am a very private person, do I need to share?
You are very welcome to keep your camera off in the group sessions and submit questions via messaging if you would like. Usually, people find the group sessions very helpful. We can learn so much from one another. 
Do I need to follow a meal plan? I am gluten free.
No. The nutrition chapters are bite sized pieces on info helping you optimise YOUR diet, improving and building on what you currently do. Do as much or as little as you feel is appropriate for you. 
I've not exercised since my diagnosis, will the yoga be ok for me?
Absolutely. You can do as much or as little as you like at home and get expert help from Dani if you want to join her online live streamed classes too. 
I've never meditated, is that a problem?
Absolutely not. It is scientifically proven that meditation helps with lowering anxiety, improving stress levels, help with sleep, that we wanted to just help you make a start. Some clients go on to using different apps after using our menopause specific meditations. 
What happens on the group calls?
On these sessions we can share our experiences, making us feel less alone. We can also discuss other topics, such as "Wanting your old self back?  And Dani helps signpost you to your next steps. 
What if I can't make a group call?
Zoom recordings can be sent to you in case you can't make a group session, but we know they'll soon become a real highlight in your schedule!
Do I get personal medical advice from the experts?
The aim is for the program to help you improve your health care where YOU ARE. So, no. All advise given by our team of experts is there to inform you and for you to take this information to your own medical team. It is our aim to keep this within the NHS if that is what you wish to do.
Can I talk to Dani throughout?
Dani is available for brief email and Whatsapp chats, but not for private 1:2:1's. Any signposting will happen on the group calls.
How many people will be on the program?
To ensure a successful outcome for each participant, this will be a small group format only.
I work full time. Will this work for me?
Absolutely. We have created this program to fit around you and your busy lives. You can digest the educational videos in your own time, suiting you and your schedule. 
Can I just join for a month to see how I go?
The way the program is created and structured means that each learning module builds on the next. So that nothing feels too overwhelming, and also to allow time to digest in between. 
I feel so confused with conflicting messages about my options. Do you address this?
Yes. The aim of the program is to help you STOP googling all night long trying to look for answers. Our experts give you evidence based advise and explain the research and science behind their knowledge as well. So that you feel prepared and confident to work with your healthcare provider, creating a better experience for yourself.
What happens after payment?
You will be directed to a payment confirmation page. From there you can follow a link to create an account for your online membership portal. Any problems, contact us on
Can I get a refund?
Due to the nature of the program it is not possible to get a refund once you have started. 
Join Us For Empowered Menopause After Cancer
Next Course start date:

as soon as we have a group of 10 (likely beg Dec 23)
(Spaces are limited. You can enrol now to secure your space. This will grant you early access to the online learning hub)
Price: £31.25 per week can be paid in instalments

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