EXCLUSIVE On-Demand 1 Hour Class

Learn How To Transform Your 
Peri-Menopause & Menopause 

Without Years Of Suffering And Thinking You Are Going Mad!


EXCLUSIVE On-Demand Class

Learn How To Transform Your Peri-Menopause & Menopause 

Without Years Of Suffering And Thinking You Are Going Mad!

Feel like you are going mad? 
Don't know what your options are?
Could it be peri-menopause?

If you have unexplained and random symptoms...

If you just don't feel like yourself anymore...

If you have been to the doctors and walked away without much help offered to you...

If you want to know all your options and evidence based solutions...

Then welcome to my talk. You're in the right place!



What the real problems are that we are currently facing, and you'll be surprised it is not your symptoms alone!

What the actual symptoms of the peri-menopause and menopause are. 

How to learn to understand yourself and what is going on. 

It can be difficult to know if what you are experiencing is related to the menopause or if it is something else. 

How to communicate what is happening.

Learn about all the evidence based solutions available to you.

Understanding that the menopause is not a THIS or THAT approach. 

Find out what strategy works best for you.

How you can immediately start to formulate your individual action plan.

 Regardless of where you are at right now.

 Acknowledging that there is no right or wrong, but what works for you.  

Presented by

Dani Binnington 
Dani Binnington is a wellbeing expert, menopause guide, yoga teacher and founder of online platform Healthy Whole Me, empowering women to take control of their wellbeing by making informed choices. 

She's written numerous articles and contributed to national and internaltional press, media and podcasts. 

Since Dani's own onset of an early menopause she has worked with many women helping them to transform their experience of the menopause - into a positive one. 
"My own early menopause led me to questioning hundreds of women and hearing about their main concerns, struggles and problems. The same questions came up over and over again. Not a single week went by where I did not feel outraged at how undereducated and under-supported we are as women! 
So I have put all the women's questions to the top experts in the menopause field and I share some of my findings with you here in the masterclass. So that together we can be the change that is so much needed!" Dani Binnington 

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